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Chicago's home to the F.A.S.T Martial Arts Medthodology for Self Defense

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At Street Defense Tactics, we do everything we can to help you achieve your goals. We have developed the F.A.S.T Methodology for you to reach your goals.


We are Chicago locals and have been around for decades. We believe in training you the right way, without cutting corners. We never sacrifice quality or integrity. 

Our Mission

We want to arm everyone with the knowledge to defend themselves if they ever need to. We believe everyone has that right. 

Adult Martial Arts

Learn Kung Fu, ..... other Martial Arts in our adult Martial Arts classes in Chicago. We apply our F.A.S.T Methodology to all your training.

Women's Self Defense Workshops

Learn how to protect yourself when something occurs. Be able to take down someone a lot bigger and get away. 

Kids Martial Arts

There is no better time then when you are a kid to start. Sign your kids up and have them build confidence from an early age. 

Custom Private Classes

If you are training for something or just want to have one-on-one training from an expert to speed up your progress, this is for you.
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