As the news shows us on a daily basis, the world is generally becoming more and more hostile. Countries, regions and cities that were peaceful or safe a few years ago are either simmering with anger and discontent, are skirting utter lawlessness or have become dangerously volatile for Westerners and other visitors, living in or visiting these locations. Depending on the city/region they are in a foreigner could face violence ranging from a purse snatching or robbery on the low end of the scale to being swept up in a flash demonstration or in a hostage situation on the extreme end of the scale.

An Introduction

“ ...demonstrated superior job knowledge and an innate ability to apply it by the fact that he was able to embellish classroom instruction with firsthand experience and knowledge...able to answer questions without hesitation and had an excellent ability to evaluate people's strengths and weaknesses...made a definite impact on the staff and personnel.” Commanding Officer 1st Canadian Division Intelligence Company

Street Defense Tactics Systems is forward-thinking, providing a unique service in security management options designed to address your personal and corporate security concerns; ensuring that staff and their families are properly prepared for unforseen dangers at home and abroad as well as protecting property and assets.

Combat Hapkido in Halifax

A premiere Combat Hapkido presence has been re-establised in Halifax and the East Coast with a new Combat Hapkido School at East Coast Combat Hapkido Academy.

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